When people first hear about the Madenshoe brand, they might think of many different things, but what they certainly won't think of is a brand created by two young shoe enthusiasts.

Their names are Mark.Yi and Simon.Chen, and they were obsessed with shoes since they were kids. Whether playing or going to school, they always paid attention to the shoes other kids were wearing. As they grew up, their passion didn't fade away. On the contrary, it became even stronger. They started buying branded sports shoes and handmade leather shoes, and shared their collections on social media.

Despite their love for their collections, they always wanted to have a pair of shoes that were both fashionable and comfortable. They found that there were no shoes on the market that met their requirements, so they decided to make their own.

They started learning how to make shoes from scratch, constantly improving their techniques through trial and error. Eventually, they successfully made a pair of exceptionally good shoes, which were the ones they had been searching for.

As they continued to refine and perfect their techniques, they decided to turn their passion into a business, and thus, the Madenshoe brand was born. Madenshoe shoes are made by skilled artisans using the highest quality materials, both fashionable and comfortable, allowing people to wear them with confidence in both daily life and special occasions.

The Madenshoe brand story is a passionate and dedicated one. It originated from the love of two young people who, through perseverance and innovation, created a truly unique brand. Madenshoe shoes represent quality, style, and innovation, making it a true shoe enthusiast's brand.